Naomi Anolic Early Career Jewish Visual Arts Award

We are very happy to share that Fabian Erik Patzak is the 2018 Naomi Anolic Early Career Jewish Visual Arts Award recipient! Fabian's work and statement really moved the judges. Now more than ever we must always keep social and political justice in mind. Here is a brief excerpt from Fabian's proposal: "Increased political nationalism on both sides of the Atlantic has led me to revisit the trauma and upheaval experienced by the Jewish side of my family beginning in late 1930s Nazi Austria and their eventual flight to the United States. The project Direct Transit draws together objects, records, imagery, stories, and inspiration from what little of my family history has survived, and uses these to create documentary and imagined works on migration, loss, and multi- generational memory, bringing a very personal history into dialogue with contemporary debates on war, migration, and religious discrimination."